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Welcome new investor, Tampa Bay RAIN

July 11, 2012

We’re excited to share that Tampa Bay has a new professional basketball team, the Tampa Bay RAIN. Furthermore, we’re proud to announce that they have joined as a Tampa Bay Partnership investor at the Advisor level. The Tampa Bay RAIN, conceived under the laws of the State of Florida, is a corporation formed to provide the City of Tampa with a professional basketball team with winning traditions, as well as jobs and long-term growth for the community. The team management consists of nine Tampa Bay area directors under leadership of Stephen Davis, CEO of Steve Davis Financial Investors, LLC, a company that provides capital to startup businesses and existing growing firms still in the growth stages.

Our Tampa Bay professional sports teams serve as important drivers in our economy. They not only contribute to our attractiveness as a travel destination, but also enhance our quality of life. The addition of another pro team serves as a great success story for our growing Human Performance industry cluster, identified as an area of strength and opportunity in the Regional Business Plan for Tampa Bay. With six pro sports teams located here in Tampa Bay, the region is an ideal location for athletic training both during and off season.

Naturally, entrepreneurship is a topic that Mr. Davis is passionate about. He looks forward to learning more about how he can support our local startup community and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem through the Regional Business Plan.

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