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Help Tampa Bay walk to the moon!

March 5, 2012

Tampa Bay Walk to the Moon ChallengeAs part of its vision and agenda to create a healthier Tampa Bay region by year 2050, ONE BAY: Healthy Communities invites all Tampa Bay area companies, nonprofits and informal groups to participate in the Tampa Bay Walk to the Moon Challenge.

With Tampa Bay’s health rankings landing at the middle to bottom of state and national rankings, and falling below in areas of critical concern, collaboration and concerted action is imperative if we want a healthier Tampa Bay by 2050. Small, simple changes in lifestyle can make a positive difference in the health and wellness of our citizens. By challenging citizens from across Tampa Bay to get up and get moving just 30 minutes each day, the ONE BAY team estimates we can collectively “Walk to the Moon” (or at least the equivalent in land-based terms; that’s 238,857 miles) in seven weeks. The challenge starts April 4, 2012. Sign up today!

Because ONE BAY: Healthy Communities – an initiative of the Tampa Bay Partnership’s ONE BAY regional visioning efforts – is already fostering collaboration throughout all of Tampa Bay’s business, government and community sectors to improve the health of the region, Tampa Bay was selected to launch the Race for a Healthy America, a national health initiative. It is hoped that other regional communities will follow Tampa Bay’s lead and participate in the Race for a Healthy America.

Jonathan Fleece, Co-Author of “The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America” explains why he and his Co-Author, David Houle, chose Tampa Bay for the launch of “The Race to a Healthy America” at the the ONE BAY Healthy Communities Regional Visioning Forum in Tampa Bay on February 24, 2012:


The initiative seeks optimal community health. Not just the healthcare that is delivered to us as citizens, but healthy citizens…with healthy behaviors, and the infrastructure  and environment around us to encourage a healthier environment to live work and play.

Health matters to businesses. Why?

Research shows that healthier employees and healthier communities lead to greater economic prosperity and increased global competitiveness. Health costs for employers and employees continue to skyrocket – and 75% of those dollars are going to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

According to authors of The New Health Age, healthier employees have reduced absenteeism, resulting in increased days at work and increased productivity while on the job. Healthier employees also use less expensive health care services, which can help companies better manage their bottom line, create new jobs that benefit all Americans and increase global competitiveness.

The Tampa Bay Partnership’s ONE BAY regional visioning initiative explores the issues that are most critical to the region’s future – not only the most urgent or pressing, but those issues that can only be successfully addressed with a long-term view and commitment in mind. Learn more at

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