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Tampa Bay leading in clinical trials & personalized medicine

February 23, 2012

Tampa Bay is a hot bed for medical research and innovation. Clinical trials and personalized medicine is one of the most exciting areas seeing increased activity at research and healthcare institutions throughout Tampa Bay. A perfect example is Moffitt’s announcement yesterday of a Personalized Medicine Institute aimed at making a national impact in the war on cancer by delivering on the promise of personalized cancer care.

Having patented a unique clinical trial matching process, Moffitt’s biotechnology subsidiary, M2Gen™ is partnering with Merck and other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to launch the first clinical trials in which patients have been recruited using the world’s largest cancer-focused biorepository. This approach speeds the clinical trial process, giving cancer patients faster access to drugs that are a good match for their unique genetic characteristics. Learn more about Moffitt’s Personalized Medicine Institute.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital is also making huge strides in cancer research and personalized medicine. Earlier this month, it was announced that the hospital is the first site in the world to enroll participants in a study using immune systems of newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients to create a personalized drug designed to target and destroy their deadly disease. Learn more.

These announcements fall inline with the initiatives outlined in the Regional Business Plan for Tampa Bay under the Applied Medicine & Human Performance industry cluster, one of four clusters identified to leverage Tampa Bay’s existing strengths and opportunities for high-wage, sustainable job growth. The goal for this target sector is for Tampa Bay to become a recognized center of excellence for specific, targeted areas of biomedical research that leverage key and unique regional assets – especially in fields related to senior health/wellness and human performance for all ages.

The plan has identified activities to help further advance the region towards becoming a center for state-of-the-art clinical trials, which can be found here. Building on this, with the support of the region’s robust tourism assets, there is also a strong opportunity for Tampa Bay to become THE place for destination medicine. Learn more about the opportunities the Regional Business Plan has identified in the Applied Medicine & Human Performance industry cluster.

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