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Working Together on High-tech Job Growth

January 10, 2012

Special report by Stuart Rogel, President & CEO, Tampa Bay Partnership

Rep. Kathy Castor

Rep. Kathy Castor

Yesterday, I was privileged to participate in a press conference with Rep. Kathy Castor, USF’s Dr. Stephen Klasko and representatives from the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) to talk about growing jobs in the Tampa Bay region.

The CAMLS project represents two important things:
• Quality jobs, and
• What we can accomplish when we work together

This facility is also a great representation of an important industry cluster for Tampa Bay – Applied Medicine & Human Performance.

Based upon a year of in-depth research to determine where Tampa Bay’s future jobs will come from, the Regional Business Plan for Tampa Bay is a shared action plan to grow high-potential industry sectors and the workforce to support them. By identifying and supporting the region’s strengths and emphasizing the innovation needed to diversify and strengthen our economy, the plan lays the groundwork for building a different kind of regional economy – one that will be more resilient, flexible, and diversified – to propel the region toward ongoing prosperity. The focus of these efforts is on where we can be “first” or “best”. 

Applied Medicine & Human Performance was identified as one of four high-impact growth industry sectors which will be the source of much of the job growth for the future in Tampa Bay. The other industry sectors identified were:

• High-Tech Electronics & Instruments
• Business, Financial & Data Services, and
• Marine & Environmental Activities

Today, these four industry clusters identified represent more than 350,000 jobs in the Tampa Bay market. That’s nearly ¼ of the region’s employment base.

Tampa Bay’s Applied Medicine & Human Performance industry cluster represents two-thirds of those 350,000 target industry jobs. By implementing the recommendations in the Regional Business Plan, we have the potential to grow this sector to over 314,000 jobs in our region.

The Applied Medicine & Human Performance target sector represents a refined and targeted set of medical research and services activities that have the potential to differentiate the Tampa Bay region. The focus here is to build up regional research capabilities and expertise to become a recognized center of excellence for specific, targeted areas of biomedical research, clinical trials, medical manufacturing, and health IT.

Dr. Stephen Klasko

Dr. Stephen Klasko

The Tampa Bay region has a well-established foundation of companies and assets to build upon for developing this target sector. The CAMLS project is a shining asset that will only enhance the growth of this sector.

Rep. Castor and our entire Tampa Bay federal delegation played an important role in securing these funds to get this important work underway. As we move forward with implementing the recommendations in the Regional Business Plan, we are again working closely with Rep. Castor’s office and other to secure the funding necessary to help implement this plan.

As you can see, it’s all about quality jobs and working together. We’re proud to be part of the team who is working to bring these opportunities to Tampa Bay.

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